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When I Need Love…

When I was many years younger I don’t think I knew what it was truly like to feel loved and accepted. I knew my parents loved me but I don’t think they knew how to show it. I was so desperate for love and affection and acceptance and that feeling of peace and safety that we all long for.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family and there wasn’t much peace in that house. I found this love and acceptance in and with other people that God had placed around me at that time, and although I was well into my teens by then, I was still like a little child, hungry for that love and peace, and the space to just be myself and not feel any tension or that I just didn’t meet up to certain standards.

I think this was probably the point at which I transferred my need onto the people that were close around me, not in a horrible ‘needy’ way, but in my dependence on them and feeling secure by them being in my life. And, if they were there for me I guess I felt that acceptance and love that I was craving for…

Perhaps at those times in my life when I felt people may have let me down and walked away from what they had at first given the impression that they cared then maybe that equaled me not being loved or rejection. Even if you grew up in a peaceful loving caring environment, the longing and need in us can be the same…

When the ‘balance’ in your life has been all topsy-turvy, especially in the areas of love and peace and acceptance, then many times people will react in all sorts of ways, perhaps similar to how I did and as we grow up we learn the dynamics that are going on in our life, in our world and inside us and then we can ‘right the balance’…

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“In life you need either inspiration or desperation.”
~Tony Robbins~

What is your motivating factor? I think that both inspiration and desperation are my motivators… Hopefully more often than not it will be inspiration that will motivate me to do what I need to do, say what I need to say and be what I need to be.

Inspiration I receive from so many avenues, the greatest being God, the ultimate creator, speaking such beauty and intricacy into being and uncovering such amazing things around us in the world and I am sure there are still yet many wonders yet covered and yet to be revealed in the world. I am inspired by His love, His gift, His generosity, His sacrifice and His example to be the best I can be and be as much like him as I can.

Desperation is also a factor in my life and often leads me to finally address certain issues. God uses it to help me let go and make the changes I need to make. Desperation is also a tool in the hands of God and when we get to the place of desperation our ears are more keep to hear the voices that we have been so quick to dismiss and reject.

Sometimes when a problem has been there for a long time then we lose our inspiration about it, and how to change and what to do and that is when desperation can help us the most. It’s that little boost that we need to move us off the mark.

Desperation helps me fix problems and Inspiration helps me reach goals!

~Cam Richmond~



Life is a simultaneous inward and outward journey with two individual destinations… deeper and further.

The journeys should both take us along the same path if we are being true to ourselves and our beliefs, morals and standards.

We are all learning on the inward and outward journey and it is up to us how we will travel, how fast, how smoothly, how cleverly.

It will also depend on how our attitude is towards the obstacles we may encounter along the way and if we will choose to learn from the fellow sojourners along the way.

We may not have the map for every detail and we may not have all we need for the whole trip with us but no one can travel with EVERYTHING they need. You wouldn’t get very far at all, maybe only an inch at a time to be able to balance all those requirements in your backpack and arms.

There’s a few essential items… We need wisdom to help us make the correct choices, perhaps some binoculars for vision and clarity, a gps to see where we are on the map and the surrounding area, a blanket for keeping us warm and sheltered, a coat to protect us from the elements, some light to light the way… these elements all represent something practical in our worlds, and they may be different for each of us.

Travel lightly, travel swiftly, don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a ditch, or waylaid by too many distractions but be sure to make some time to stop and smell the roses along the way!

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