Streamlining, deciding, shuffling, reprioritizing, rescheduling, analysing, minimising, reducing….

I had a very bad, unorganized, done nothing I was supposed to do morning, I threw the daily before work schedule out the window. I didn’t do any exercise and what a shame… the sun was shining amazingly outside and the sky was clear…. So then that doesn’t feel good! I needed to get that fresh air and exercise so I feel guilty.

If I allow this to happen even every now and again, even though that particular scenario is not that frequent, the more I don’t like myself. So this has a bad snowball effect on me.

I am continuing to think a lot about some changes and areas I want to work on in my life, and I know I need to DECIDE but I have sensed that I still haven’t really DECIDED…. I am tossing around the idea of what I need to and should do… I have to decide!!! This is a firm and not a wishy-washy conclusion that I must make before I WILL do it! I am in the middle of re-jigging my life and routines and what I should and shouldn’t be doing.

The upside is this… I have started ‘re-jigging’ things, I have altered a few schedules, dropped a few commitments, made a few goals and this is the best start. I somehow think that if I go the whole thing and say I have to do this… and I have to do this…. Then perhaps I am setting myself up for failure.

Perhaps my process of gradually streamlining my life is the most wise way to go that would actually be achievable and do able!

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