“In life you need either inspiration or desperation.”
~Tony Robbins~

What is your motivating factor? I think that both inspiration and desperation are my motivators… Hopefully more often than not it will be inspiration that will motivate me to do what I need to do, say what I need to say and be what I need to be.

Inspiration I receive from so many avenues, the greatest being God, the ultimate creator, speaking such beauty and intricacy into being and uncovering such amazing things around us in the world and I am sure there are still yet many wonders yet covered and yet to be revealed in the world. I am inspired by His love, His gift, His generosity, His sacrifice and His example to be the best I can be and be as much like him as I can.

Desperation is also a factor in my life and often leads me to finally address certain issues. God uses it to help me let go and make the changes I need to make. Desperation is also a tool in the hands of God and when we get to the place of desperation our ears are more keep to hear the voices that we have been so quick to dismiss and reject.

Sometimes when a problem has been there for a long time then we lose our inspiration about it, and how to change and what to do and that is when desperation can help us the most. It’s that little boost that we need to move us off the mark.

Desperation helps me fix problems and Inspiration helps me reach goals!

~Cam Richmond~



  • It’s great to be open to inspiration from many places. What first comes up as a small pattern grows bigger if we ignore it until it grows to the point that we need desperation to solve it. But if we can recognise the pattern before the problem grows, we can stop it before it gets too large to be manageable. It’s true that desperation gets things done, but if we fix problems before they get too large, we can stay inspired. Have you ever noticed this kind of pattern?


    • Hi there, Thanks for writing :0)
      Yes totally… I agree its so much better to deal with it when you see it. Last year I had a situation that caused me great distress and I felt stuck to deal with it, and other people could also have dealt with it but didnt. In the end desperation won and I worked it through… it was horrible I didnt enjoy it at all and now I know even if its uncomfortable wherever possible deal with it before deseperation stage!

      We live and learn!
      Cam :0)


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