More Thoughts on Anxiety….

Last week I reposted an old post of mine on anxiety, several people liked and commented on it and my fellow page writer Troy from Flourishing Life Society made these comments… “Anxiety is one of the topics i have been lost in over the last several months. It plays a huge role in how we live our lives”

I know that one thing for sure has played a part in mine. It seems I only just realised just how much of a part it had played too.

At the end of 2010 I finally went to the doctors decided to go on anti-depressants… I have battled my whole life with varying degrees of anxiety. But it was not until earlier this year when I was looking for something I had written that I re-read through some of my journals and was SHOCKED to read how often I had woken up with anxiety coursing through my being. Sometimes it was worse than others but it was always a constant. Since going on medication I am SOOO much better able to deal with the things life has thrown me and continues to throw me…

My friends didn’t get understand it at first I don’t think. I am the one who encourages everyone else and helps them… why did I need medication? Surely I could get over it as I had helped some of them through challenges, and after all I had God in my life and I believe in his power to help set me free and give me grace, peace and strength. In the end the combination of situations in my life at that time drove me to the doctors to seek my options, despite have a wonderful network of friends, family, my husband and all of those things was still such that I just couldn’t cope…

Perhaps it is in my makeup, my over thinking nature, perhaps part of my life for a reason so I can learn and then help others… either way. We each have to learn how to manage these things and grow and get better… and I will NEVER regret that decision!

Please look after yourselves, do what YOU need to do, don’t think you have to do what your friends and family did, or what they are telling you to do, but please do something, don’t wait, suffer and live with this battle.

I know for me that it was the right decision and sometimes I think I must be a wimp, I am walking with my crutch and maybe I need to throw it away but then something else happens to show me that the weakness, perhaps it’s a hairline fracture, is still there and my I can’t support my weight without it at this stage.

Assess where you are at, how is this really affecting you? What do you need to do? Whom should you speak to?

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What are your thoughts?

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