Blog on!

Well how often do people post that as a post title? I am betting its a fair bit. So I’m thinking I am picking up blogging again… Yes its been awhile but I have been a tad busy! Even trying to post this first post after my long absence has taken me 2 days to write. So many interruptions in life!  It feels quite difficult to get the time to get things done.

I am huge on Facebook, people say I live there! So this is a very different platform for me but actually quite refreshing cos its just a matter of spilling out what is going on and hitting PUBLISH! So that is my reintroduction of myself  back into the blogging world! If I am not here you can always find me on Facebook on my 3 pages:

Light for Life – where I share the things that I learn, often simple but usually profound. I love what we learn through our days!

Love Without Expectations – this is a page I only recently started, January 1, 2012. It’s all about focusing on loving people in our lives better. It’s not about romantic love, it’s about the love we all need. I have a belief that if we love each other more specifically we will slowly but SURELY change our worlds!

The Answer I’ve Found – this is my foundation, the core of my belief. It’s about my walk of faith and the things I learn from my journey along the way.

Hoping I really get into this. It could be quite refreshing to just blab on… BLAH BLAH BLAH maybe no one will read or even see this!


What are your thoughts?

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