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Life is full of opportunities… to understand.

Do unto others....

~Life is full of opportunities to try and understand other people!~

Its really worth trying to understand others, sometimes we may as well forget it because we will never understand but sometimes, by trying to understand someone else we can learn so much and see a whole lot of things we never really saw before.

~Cam Richmond~

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Emotional Hoarders and the Like…

Emotionally Free...

My friend told me she was an EMOTIONAL HOARDER!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that sounded quite profound and so I asked her if I was an EMOTIONAL HOARDER!

She told me that I am definitely and EMOTIONAL GIVEAWAYER!!!!

She said ’emotional hoarders’ are people who hide their emotions and don’t let them out very often because they are scared too or don’t know how too…that was her at that moment!!

Apparently ’emotional giveawayers’ are people whose life is like an open book and let it all hang out…… and that is more me. She said its better out than in and that is so true!

She told me we need to become Emotional Balancers….where everything is in good healthy balance and boundaries!!

And we definitely don’t want to be Emotional Exploders, I think that one needs no explanation!

Food for thought!

~Cam Richmond~