The Inner Workings….

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The Inner Workings….

We are the most amazing creation… I’ve just been thinking about the intricacies and complexities of our whole being….

What goes on inside us in many ways is amazing, I dont know which of the complexities of our body, heart, soul or spirit are more amazing but they are certainly vitally connected…

Our heart, affects our body, affects our soul, affects our spirit and every other combination of variation of these…

I am aware today of anxiety floating round my body for some reason, I know it will pass but i am sure I am not the only one who feels or has felt that sensation. I’m thinking of how everything is so interconnected and so I am enjoying the cool breeze of the fan blowing on me, the peaceful music of JULIE TRUE playing and stillness and peace of the room right now =)

I think we should be more aware of this connection and make sure that our spirit helps our heart, our body helps our soul etc… And I love how the Spirit of God presides over all of this in my life and His love and peace and presence are always at work in my life!

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~

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