In the deep



In the deep…

An image… I’m in the water at the beach by myself… Treading water. Peaceful stillness as I’m paddling there. A strong sense of calm. I don’t like being in the deeper water but God shows me He is the water. 

It’s a scene of quiet calm still peace in the deep of God. No fear of anything because God is the water. The gentle sound of waves just barely lapping… 

Imagine if I really let go of my security blanket… The ability to touch the bottom knowing I’ve had a bit of fear about water, not being able to touch bottom. 

Imagine feeling that security. I can’t quite do it yet… But I will. For the moment habit and the fear of really really letting go hinder me…  

But I’ll come here everyday and experience this enveloping of love. 

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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