Soaking it all up…



Soaking it all up…

We are all sponges… That’s how we are in any environment that we are placed in… We tend to soak it up.

Whatever we soak up is what fills us up, it takes up space and when we are squeezed that’s what will come out…

Contrary to our presumption, it’s not only little children who are sponges.

A sponge has room to take on the water and so do we… There are places where I have room… Weaknesses, insecurities, doubts, and what you are soaking in will fill into those places… Whether negativity or fear…

Choose what you soak in… If you soak in love, peace, positivity, that will fill in those empty, wanting places with what you need to strengthen you…

What are you soaking in?
What are you soaking up?

Just something to think about…

~Cam Richmond~

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