Just very simply… I love being at home… I’m a simple girl. I like simple pleasures. Home makes me glad.

Working full time probably makes me appreciate it. But when I get home I cherish our space and out choices and love nothing more than getting in some comfy clothes and relaxing…

Home is a precious space. Home should be a place of repose… Ahhhhh repose 🙂 it would take quite a huge dose of repose to make me want for more activity.

Home is a sanctuary… Home is your space of peace, harmony, love and joy. Hopefully home can always be like this…

Growing up home was never like this… I grew up to value the state of peace most highly. I cherish that and protect it and try to keep it as much as is possible.

I never experienced this sense in those years.. This is where the longing came from.

Tension, fear, anxiety, worry, problem solving, sadness, hiding from confrontation and hoping for rest, filled the home space and even denial took it’s place.

When I met my now husband I was so blessed… I found sanctuary with him and my mother in law.. They welcomed me into their home and simply it became paradise found to me…

Ah the joy of acceptance, the peace, the rest, the absence of unreasonable, impossible expectations, the absence of arguments and tension. I am thankful that when I visited in those days they have me a space called home.

This didn’t mean I didn’t have a home but home didn’t feel like this… So you come to highly value and appreciate it when you have it…

Count yourself blessed if you have a home that has the precious place of peace.

If at the moment you can’t be in, or create this place of peace in your home, then I pray at least you can find it in your heart. A place if quiet, peace, and stillness from which you can head out into the day from…

Just something to think about?

Tell me about your place of HOME ❤️

~Cam Richmond~

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