The Most Basic Element….



The Most Basic Element…

Sweet, crisp, fresh, pure oxygen. The most basic but most essential ingredient to all of our life.

Laying in bed I open the window wide and feel the crispness, the coolness, and breathe in life giving sustenance.

The air is all around us, we can’t escape from it, thankfully for that or we would cease to have life.

The air is pure, that’s the way it is but the things that are ‘introduced’ into life bring pollution. They contaminate the air and can make it toxic, harmful.

Patients who are very ill are given oxygen, it restores them, regenerates them, their very cells and their bodies. It aids in their recovery.

When we go to the country, often a place of respite, there, at first light in the morning we wake to that amazing still freshness and it brings peace, and restores and reminds us that this is what we need and what we live on.

God is the air I breathe. When we are born we breathe in the breathe of life… And from that time on we require it.

Breathe in God’s presence today and feel His restorative work, remind yourself at the core of your life is the most vital need to breathe… And breathe him in.

Just something to think about?

~Cam Richmond~

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