Jumping the waves….



Jumping the waves…

Let’s hold hands and jump the waves together. I’ve had this picture a few times lately. It conveys so beautifully storms of life that each of us endure… And how we are able to support each other, and not just us but, also the One who always travels with us.

So beautiful and so precious, the image is such a relief and from the far more tempestuous version that plays in our head.

Can you see this picture, you and I together in the sea, the waves are coming but instead of being afraid we hold hands and lift them up and jump together.

Even if right now we feel like there is no one who is with us, there is One who is this with us.

If you are jumping waves today then take this far more restful image with you.

In reality the waves may be far more like storm but I’m learning to give them a lesser place in my mind and just spend more time on jumping them knowing I’m not alone…

I will jump with you if you would jump with me and there is One who will jump the waves with both of us.

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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