Where freedom is…



Where freedom is…

If we were all to be very honest and be introspective there are many things in our lives that cause us to feel tied up.

For some people like me, it’s plain to see what these things are, the things that I can’t get away from. For others the things they want to get away from are hidden under a pile of papers and no one is aware from these things, maybe even themselves from the conscious awareness of them.

Either way we are in the same position. There is no place we can get away from these things and the things they cause I’m our lives…

We long for freedom, for peace, for sanctuary. I’ve been listening to a beautiful song about a butterfly. The feeling of freedom is captured in their journey.

To be free like this is only found for me in my walk with God, when I can remove myself from the conscious troubles and hear from Him, get direction and receive the wisdom, grace and peace I need to take me through, and help me be strengthened to work through the things that hold me, try me…

I’ll take a journey like a butterfly with him even when there are these thing I can’t escape from and find hope and peace to see me through those days.

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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