Peace within these borders…



Peace within these borders…

Perhaps the greatest longing that I have for is for peace within my borders. Truly priceless, of value, to be highly prized.We may at times not be able to control a lot, but there are things that we can do to remove some of the things that open the door to strife, fear, hopelessness and disappointment into our life.

If we remove the elements that open these doors then that is the place to start…What are the elements that give permission to those things that remove peace to come in?

I have written lately quite a few times about this peace…. this peace is priceless, especially when we are unable to control the things happening around us, to be able to find peace within can change everything…

I wonder if this peace is not all that different from a hiding place, a place to hide when someone or something is chasing you. As is often needed when we are feeling pursued, somewhere to retreat to, a place we can always go.

My prayer for us all is for peace WITHIN our borders!

Just something to think about…

~Cam Richmond~

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