Feeling chased by life…



Feeling chased by life….

I am being chased….
I am being followed…
I can hear the foosteps

I quickly glance over my shoulder as I hurry on… No I am not imagining it…

Do you ever feel like this? I don’t usually have this sensation, but these last few weeks I have had those reactions which to me are tell tale signs of feeling I need a break.

I have been through seasons in my life where I hid, I ran so to speak, I cringed at all the things that were requiring of me and for a season at that time I just backed off from certain things.

It was almost like an involuntary reaction. I felt really bad about running from some of the things that I ran from back then… I still feel bad for running now…

I am sensing a slight tinge of this sensation, and the desire to quietly creep away for awhile is tapping on my door… ‘Come with me awhile’ the voice is saying ‘we will sit awhile and just enjoy each other’s company’.

I have been designed and created for relationship, for connection, for friendship, for mentoring, for caring and shepherding, for support, for giving love and encouragement but if I don’t find time to draw aside I will have nothing to give…

Perhaps if I made the time to draw aside then I wouldn’t come to a season where I feel like running. If I made that time then I would be equipped for each day but right now life it seems is chasing me down.

I must make time to draw aside….

It’s up to me…

Just something to think about…,

~Cam Richmond~
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