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Precious precious peace….

Peace, quiet, calm...

~Precious precious peace….~

Ah for peace… I crave peace… I grew up in a tense household with many heightened emotions displayed… to say the least, things spoken and things unspoken.

One of the adverse affects of this on me is that I just cant cope with tension, anger, raised voices, with stress even if its not directed at me.

I have grown so much, and I am most certainly not who or what I used to be… I am a very different woman, but in times when I am low, more than others, I recoil if I sense these things, I want it to stop.

My immediate response is in my back… I can feel it in the middle of my back as weird as it might sound.

I want to back away and I will say anything to have it over as soon as possible or shorten the conversation

It doesn’t mean that the other person has actually done anything wrong, its an automatic response that I experience.

I remember as I was growing up,  and as a teenager telling my closest friends… that peace… and quiet… was the most valuable thing to me.

When I experience times of stress, distress, anxiety, fear… any of these things again I crave for that peace.

We all have different ways of expressing ourselves, we live out our ‘interpretation of stress’…

Some people get loud… I usually go quiet, and no surprise, I seek peace, quiet, calm…

Its hard for me to hear or respond to a conversation that has tension or raised voices involved.

I find my peace in my faith… I have peace with me, and He makes all the difference.

Ephesians 2:14 – For He is [Himself] our peace (our bond of unity and harmony).

~Cam Richmond~

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~Highs and Lows~

~Highs and Lows~

Life is so all over the place at times. It can swing hugely from a high to a low.

What we take for granted can turn in a second and become something that we had not imagined. These are some facts that we can’t ignore.

How we determine to walk into each day can make the difference!

We need to know what ground we stand on and what our security is in ahead of time

When something difficult happens, knowing you have the right people around you is one of the most important things. The trivial things pale into insignificance when life is rocky and challenging and then we find out that it’s the little things that count and can mean the difference in how things in our lives will go.

~Cam Richmond~

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The Snowball Effect

~The Snowball Effect~

A little bit of good can be the catalyst to the turning around of everything. Sometimes things seem so big they seem insurmountable and stuck but I have seen time and time again a little bit of goodness making all the difference and becoming the turning of a difficult situation…

I think about what I have seen on old cartoons when a snowball starts rolling down a hill, it starts small, its starts slow but as it begins to move it gains momentum and speed. That’s what a little bit of good can do. It gives you something to build on, and then it just builds itself.

Maybe you are in a situation in your life, with some of your friends, with your family and maybe what will fix it is a little bit of good that can be built on. Once it takes off you won’t have to do much more than encourage it to keep going…

Find a little bit of good in your situation and then just give it a little push and watch what will happen!

~Cam Richmond~

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