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“When you heart has been wounded and it becomes hard, it’s not always easy to make it ‘feel’ again, and allow it to become vulnerable again…

But one good thing is that God knows how to melt our hearts again and soften us and He has His ways at just the right time… Its good when it does happen and I hope and pray my heart remains pliable… I want it to stay melted, soft, and penetrable”.

I actually wrote this a long long time ago but amazingly these revelations remain forever true and are always applicable in our lives, we will always encounter ‘heart hardening experiences’.

Its something that I seem to have to fight against now and I know that I have become hardened in some ways but I think there must be a way to turn a heart hardening experience into a strengthening one rather than an obstacle.

That’s how I see it now… it makes me stronger…

A soft heart doesn’t mean a weak heart in fact I’m sure it takes a lot more strength to remain soft.

Just something to think about…

~Cam Richmond~

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Reduce your ‘life’ luggage and travel lightly!

Light For Life Inspirations

A lot of us can’t move very far ahead and even begin to experience our future because we are still carrying our ‘life’ baggage everywhere we go.Sometimes its like a small trolley luggage bag, sometimes it’s a huge suitcase, hopefully we don’t have a porter following us around with an assortment on suitcases and bags! I think we all carry some luggage like this!

Perhaps you have that small trolley luggage case rolling behind you dragging on the ground as you go? As we deal with what is in the luggage bit by bit over time we can reduce the size of the bags, perhaps we can downsize to smaller suitcases till eventually we can get rid of them altogether and maybe we only carry a back pack or have our essentials in a bum bag! This is what happens throughout our life!

Sometimes we end up picking…

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Happy the eternal optimist…

~Happy the eternal optimist~

Whatever things are noble pure good think on these things.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

I will be forever the eternal optimist.

Optimism serves me very well and I wouldn’t be any other way, however it does leave a door open in my life for hurts and disappointments. Somehow this thought has just come to me right now!

However I wouldn’t be any other way than optimistic. I think that people become pessimistic because of the things that they have been through in their lives, the hurts and disappointments and then a self-protection mechanism kind of kicks in and it becomes the automatic.

Amazingly, after all the many things I’ve been through in my life this self protective mechanism has still not been switched on, at least not fully…

As a result my brain automatically thinks and expects the best and at worst I learn to process the disappointments that happen through the lens of ‘other people’s’ hurts and issues and so my heart can remain open and compassionate.

Living in a pessimist reality must be an ongoing drain on the whole body soul and spirit.

The place where this doesn’t serve me well is in trusting people. I think I know someone and if I get hurt it continually shocks me because I really genuinely sincerely though that wouldn’t happen again.

Being someone who generally isn’t deluded I still expect the best in situations and take people at their word.

What is your natural inclination?

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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