Happy the eternal optimist…

~Happy the eternal optimist~

Whatever things are noble pure good think on these things.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

I will be forever the eternal optimist.

Optimism serves me very well and I wouldn’t be any other way, however it does leave a door open in my life for hurts and disappointments. Somehow this thought has just come to me right now!

However I wouldn’t be any other way than optimistic. I think that people become pessimistic because of the things that they have been through in their lives, the hurts and disappointments and then a self-protection mechanism kind of kicks in and it becomes the automatic.

Amazingly, after all the many things I’ve been through in my life this self protective mechanism has still not been switched on, at least not fully…

As a result my brain automatically thinks and expects the best and at worst I learn to process the disappointments that happen through the lens of ‘other people’s’ hurts and issues and so my heart can remain open and compassionate.

Living in a pessimist reality must be an ongoing drain on the whole body soul and spirit.

The place where this doesn’t serve me well is in trusting people. I think I know someone and if I get hurt it continually shocks me because I really genuinely sincerely though that wouldn’t happen again.

Being someone who generally isn’t deluded I still expect the best in situations and take people at their word.

What is your natural inclination?

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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