Camouflaging by comfort….

Camouflaging by comfort….

There are things that we do, friends that we have, patterns that we keep re-living that disguise what is really going on in our life and when these things come to a stop it can be scary.

When we see these things, as if for the first time, our first instinct is usually to run straight back to them because they have been or still are a security blanket, a help, a relief.

In reality these things, these people, these distractions, will never really bring relief that we desire, they will only cover up the way we were actually feeling in the first place.

It is finally when we feel this way that we are able to asses where we really are at that moment, and its then that we ever really have a hope of being free and achieving our potential.

We must think twice before we rush to the things that bring us comfort. The sooner we can look at these things, we know we will feel better about ourselves.

The longer we keep running the worst we will feel about our selves because every time we come back around to this same point we will always find the same answers and the same reality will be still staring us in the face.

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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