Do you misunderstand me?

Do you misunderstand me?

Misunderstandings are so common… We probably don’t even realise when someone misunderstands us half the time. And how often do we misunderstand other people? More often than we will ever realise!

Much of the time the things that happen, and the things that we perceive are happening obviously go far deeper than we will ever see on the surface.

Misunderstandings have created all kinds of told and untold damage in people’s lives… but how will we ever realise not to take part in misunderstandings? How will we ever realise that we are doing it so often that it’s completely undetected. It’s like we are all walking around with paper bags on our heads hoping not to bump into each other in a crowded room – the chances of not bumping into each other are very low and the chances we will misunderstand each other are very high.

This last 6 months I would have to say that I am teaching myself that I need to learn to speak what I am feeling about. I don’t like words left unsaid.. mind you I am not perfect but I am navigating through the paths of communication trying to find the best way to get to the desired location.

Have you ever noticed that awkward silence when things are left unsaid, that silence can be deafening . Oh that I might find the courage and the words to convey the things that need to be said in my life, in my family, with my friends and in my relationships and also Lord please also give me courage to hear.

These days, those awkward silences in my life possibly represent an area that I have been fearful of entering into, or an area that someone else isn’t ready to hear, an area where I don’t know how to convey what I need to convey. And in the meantime I wait, and these days I ask God to help me, for His timing, for His words, for His leading, as there may even be intimidation. There are things that I would like nothing better than to get off my chest but I need to know that I am in God’s timing and I am being directed by His motivations.

I find that its sometimes very hard to distinguish between knowing God’s timing and purposes, the wisdom of talking things through and being above-board, and whether I am saying or sharing something with someone for the wrong reasons…. Most usually these days what I long for is to be above-board, to not be carrying weights around with me and this is how I feel when there are things that have been left unsaid.

This is where the uncertainty gets me, should I? shouldn’t I? now? later? never?

“Lord please help us know how to distinguish when, where, what, why and who so that we know when to speak and when to keep silent. Lord please help me to see when my motivations are not correct. Help me to know when you bring me the opportunities in which I should speak and then I ask please give me the words and a gentle humble spirit that is only speaking out of love and love of the truth… spoken in love.

Misunderstandings will persist if there is no clarification, no truth shared, if there is a cover up. The only thing that we can do if we don’t understand something or if we feel like we have been misunderstood or are misunderstanding someone else is to do what we can to make it right. Don’t create a million more problems but don’t let problems continue that can be cleared up.

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~

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