Memories are key…

Memories are the key not to
the past but to the future!
~Corrie ten Boom~

Memories are key…

I remember you… memories… good and bad… some are in the forefront of our minds and some are tucked away and hidden but they are there and they think they can pay us a visit any time they like.

What calls them forth? Where have they been and from where do they come? Memories are calling to me lately…. they are coming back and they seem to haunt and taunt me…

I ask myself the question how do I deal with them? They are real, but they are of the past, they changed the outcomes of my life but thank GOD that He redeemed my life and His grace was applied to each and every one. Is it ok to shove them back into the recesses of my mind or should I look at them and deal with them?

Everywhere I go I take Jesus with me, He is a resident in my life and so if I go to examine memories He is also there. I never go alone. When he takes me to each memory that surfaces He shows me where He was. He was there, for all of my life whether I realised it or not and it was only when I asked him into my life that he became visible to me because it was then that my eyes were opened.

When I look back now I KNOW He was there and He led me through my life otherwise I would wonder how did I make it through? When I look back and realise He was right there with me, I know that He will continue to be right there with me. There is not a moment that I will experience without him and so the memories that taunt me and the memories that make me worry about the future and then obliterated by the reality of His presence with me.

Yes I must keep this in mind and dwell on these thoughts because fear likes to try and get me to only concentrate on what could happen, what might happen, what will happen, what the probabilities and statistics are but the truth is no matter what those numbers say, God has always come through and changed what would have been the logical outcomes… time and time again, He has proven Himself a sure thing.

And so I take Him with me into the memories that chase me down, and they are turned right around for my good and they empower me for the coming days knowing that there is nothing that God cannot do…. My memories can be divinely exchanged for His memories and forever more I will see Him there ❤

~Cam Richmond~

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