The garden of your life…

The garden of your life…

I love my garden. I spend time in it whenever I can. Pottering around, looking at the plants, watering them, doing a bit of pruning, putting in some garden beds, weeding, re-potting, tidying up and other similar things. I love my time out there. It really brings me pleasure. It brings me peace and solitude.

I used to find this same comfort in my niece when she was a baby, all the kids in our family are in their teens now but a few years ago when I went through an extremely low season and was suffering anxiety for what seemed like months and when I would have a bad day I would often pop into my sisters place to visit and just have a cuddle of my niece.

It was only this week that I realised that my garden and my niece were able to bring the same comfort to me…. and come to think of it doing my art also gives me this respite. I guess people find comfort in so many different ways. Yes there are bad ways that people find comfort but there are a lot of good ways to receive the comfort and solitude we need, the time and space to wind down and gather ourselves and our thoughts and feel that sense of stability we all desire.

Where is your garden? Have you discovered it yet? I encourage you to find your garden and spend time there regularly. It can make a lot of difference the balance of your life. Finding your garden can help everything else in your life be manageable, and I must not neglect to mention that for me all these things also draw me close to the ultimate Source of my peace which is God.

Apart from Him I know no peace and we all long for peace.

I encourage you to find your garden and find the one who created the plants and the seeds too!

~Cam Richmond~

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