Moving House Day!

Hey Friends!

What an experience! I have spent approximately 30 hours this weekend rebuilding my website! I am darn proud of what I am doing =) I am now self hosted and not with I am not entirely sure what it means for my followers etc and I appear to have lost all the insights.

I am even learning a little more HTML and have set up my new website in the last week – baby steps as I navigated through all the language that doesn’t come easy to me. Transferring domain names and websites, installing plug ins and widgets, adding code and images! My brain is really quite drained!

Please have a look I am so chuffed. Mostly my own images too!

If you’d like to subscribe for my blog posts which are every few weeks then please do on the site! I think that I may have lost all of those who followed me through!
So please re-sign up if you are not getting my notifications anymore! I will still be reading you in the ‘Reader’

I would like to start an email Newsletter once a month or so =)
Please sign up via

~Cam Richmond~

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