Hello Followers!


I am just wondering if you can help me!

I have just switched from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Its been a huge change and I am still trying to figure out the pros and cons.

Can you please do a huge favour?

If you received notification of this blog by email can you let me know by commenting?


You will see this blog in the reader as I have blogged in WordPress.com

I am most curious if you have seen any of my other recent blogs such as these in the reader????:

My Lifetime AAA Rating

To Be Known By God

Faith in What or Whom

The best way for me to read your blogs is by going to the blog reader but I don’t think my recent blogs get posted there anymore?

If you would like to follow me over there then please pop over and SUBSCRIBE =)

Thanks friends!
~Cam Richmond~


What are your thoughts?

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