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Looking UP not out…

Looking up and not out…

Life gets me down you know… I might seem super confident and positive and I am but actually if I don’t keep my eyes on the right things it really gets to me a lot.

So much happening around us and I don’t want to avert my eyes. I want to see things and be a part of the solution and know where the help is needed and I want to be aware… I want to acknowledge people’s struggles and by that I honor them. (That’s what I like to do).

However, when I look AROUND it affects me a lot…. in so many ways… I can feel myself get dragged into the hopelessness… I don’t know any hope in this world in the end, except Jesus.

This week it really got me… blindness of the world, the inward nature of people, the wish that we could all look out more and do more to help, a crisis happens and we waken for a moment only to go to sleep again, and yes this is an overall generalisation.

How can we do more? What can we do? How can we personally contribute to change, to difference, to life, to humanity, to care about the people’s of the world and not just out own four walls, our own ‘SELF’?

There is so much out there that needs US!

Anyway God gave me a little reminder this week…. He reminded me to LOOK UP and not always OUT….

When I look out I feel overwhelmed, I feel what is the point, I feel like a drop in a bucket. If I was a rich woman I would become and activist and philanthropist, a care worker, a homeless shelter volunteer, a palliative care nurse, … and so much more….

I think it feels like the world is heading to the point of no return… sorry if you think that sounds depressing or negative…. but its my over all view. People don’t like to consider it or admit it… denial will make all the difference LOL. No I am not talking about ‘you’ the reader… I am talking about the ‘world’.. the ‘them’ we refer to!

YES I see goodness and glimmers of hope, little lights that flicker and sparkle… and then again it overwhelms me as my picture goes into wide-angle…

I must remember to keep looking UP!
I must remember the God of all hope!
I must remember His plan and the extraordinary lengths that he went to already to reach us.
I must remember that a drop in a bucket fills up drop by drop and that every single drop counts..

~Cam Richmond~

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I tend towards peace

I always tend towards peace. Tension aggression, shouting, swearing, loud voices, accusations, ranting, always immediately cause me to shut my gates. 

Ok so I have told you all before, I grew up with a lot of that… Not the swearing though, but raised voices, accusations, arguments, verbal tirades, they could go on for hours and hours. You may not have been the one on centre stage taking the floor and being pulled to pieces but once it started everyone got a chance.


I shudder to think about those many many many times now, and actually I only remember them as a whole the details are very much a blur and I’m more than happy for them to stay that way. I wonder if I was the person I am now what would I have done back then but that would never have been possible.


A counselor I saw a few years ago suggested something that she thought would help me when I found myself in any even vaguely similar situations she called it joining.


She said that people need validation and even if you don’t like the style of the delivery of their venting of a situation that what you can do is ‘join’ them and validate their feelings, or what has happened and still maintain your who you are without being untrue yo yourself.


It’s really just so amazing though how our personality and the make up our character is so very strong…. To me it feels like a raging current and I can only go with the flow of that especially in this area of my life, to pull myself out if it is like going against that raging current…. meaning it’s extremely difficult.


Learned fear together with being driven towards peace, and being a positive optimistic not to mention faith filled person makes it very very difficult for me to ‘join’ the other person in their venting.


You see even when there is a lot truth to what someone is saying if they are saying it in an aggressive way I respond to the way the message is delivered by tending towards peace, immediately, avoiding increasing tension etc and therefore going far from even temporarily ‘joining’ someone.


The next things that come into play are being positive, optimistic and faith and people often don’t want to hear that but that is my source, what I know and what I believe and I can’t give people what I don’t believe in.


Finding a line here in a tricky situation is not easy but I have learned some more about this and I am beginning to find the demarcation line that will help me to keep my peace, even as I tend towards it!


~Cam Richmond~

Sooner or later…

~Sooner or Later~

It would be so much better if you knew sooner rather than later when there is a problem.

Sometimes we know there is something going on but fear sets in.

You may not feel you have the courage at that time to ask what is going on…

What I have learnt is this…don’t wait to ask!

Usually,even if it hurts it’s better to find out…

~Cam Richmond~

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