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Surely 10 more minutes can’t hurt?

“The universe is not short on wake up calls.
We’re just quick to hit the snooze button!”
~Brené Brown~

I was waiting for the alarm to go off. I had set it to go off at 6.45 am and then I had allowed myself to snooze… just another 10 minutes…

In my half sleep state I was slightly wondering when the next alarm was going to go off but I allowed the lull of the moment to keep me in bed and knowing the second alarm would surely go off when it was time…. The bed was warm, it was still dark enough, and it was cold outside. Perfect orders for staying in bed.


Finally I dragged myself into consciousness and looked at the clock… Hmmmm 7.26am. How did it get to that? Could it be that I didn’t hear the second alarm? Could it be that I slept through it? Either way I missed it and that meant not getting up for my morning walk.


It spoke to clearly to me how easy it is to miss the signs.Did you hear the first alarm? I heard it on this occasion but I dismissed it. After all I knew there’d be another. Surely 10 more minutes can’t hurt.


Are you like I was, waiting for the second alarm? Or like me did you miss it?


If you are waiting for an alarm that means you know it’s going to happen. No one has to convince you there will be one.


How long can you afford to wait? Have you missed the second alarm already and have lulled yourself into a false sense of security?


This is so true of all the situations in our lives? Can we afford to wait? But the signs are all there in regards to Jesus return. Of course it’s been said the signs have been signs for 100’s of years but the truth is bible prophecy has been fulfilled now right up to the time of his coming.


I understand it might sound totally mad to you! I get that! It sounds mad to me too. Maybe even if it sounded mad to you, you believe it but you’d rather be in denial. Even so that doesn’t change what you know.


And of course it’s much easier to believe this is wrong and there’s a new interpretation that has to be right. Let’s hope you have time to figure it out!

~Cam Richmond~

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What the world can’t give, the world can’t take away…


It really makes me sad that it’s becoming harder to say how I feel about God and my Saviour Jesus and also what I believe. You raise your head you get shot at these days, questioned, interrogated almost. I’m finding that it’s not alright to question other ‘religion’ but it’s fine to tear mine down.

I could never be known as a bible basher, although I’m sure ALL those around me know exactly who I am and what I believe. Yes they may read what I write if they choose, (and if not then they are more than welcome to unfriended me rather than me being a nuisance to them), but unless they want to know more personally I won’t be shoving it down their throats.

I think I’m a good representation of Gods love because even if what people do or say or think is completely in opposition to what I believe or do, I truly love them, value their friendships and their company. I love all the people in my life.

Then on the other hand people can believe in other religions that call for all kinds of extremism but that’s not a problem to others is it??, ‘each to their own’ right??? But to love and follow Jesus is old school, conservative, closed and narrow-minded.

I am NOT into religion. I dislike religion. I dislike religious figures and leaders to some extent, and ‘the establishment’, who have, in their utter humanity given God a black name. They have dragged his Name in the mud. The one who sent His Son into this muddy earth for us.

I say, come to know God by what He did, by what He gave, by what He says and not by what PEOPLE do or say.

Did you know God loves everyone unconditionally? That doesn’t mean he agrees with how they live, people don’t like that bit, but if God is God then he can make rules for life, and if according to us He can’t, then that makes us God not him… but I don’t remember creating the universe???? Do you ?😉

He loves each person personally, uniquely, completely, more than they have ever known or could know love…

I’m so glad that my mum pursued her faith, way past religion, rules and regulations and met her Saviour and gave us the opportunity to know him too.

It’s fine for people who are intellectual to laugh me off, think I’m mad, wonder at the ridiculous things I believe, or think it’s all ridiculous. To continually try to find loopholes in everything around God and the bible, pull it all apart, even though I won’t pull their belief apart. But the joyous thing for me… is that NO ONE can take away my experience, the tangible things God has shown me, how he has revealed things into my life that NO ONE could have ever known and shown me his very very great love for ME, little me…. insignificant me in the grand scheme of things.

No one can argue any of that away for me, how he has changed me, changed my life, GIVEN me life, hope, peace, strength, supernaturally seen me through every trial in my life from the time I was a child…

There is so much more to this life than what we can see and touch. To live your life thinking that this is ‘it’ may be the easiest thing to do but in the end it’s the least rewarding.

‘Rewarding’ comes from giving to humanity, from loving, from building people up, from encouraging, from supporting, from generosity of heart, not from self-love, self-gratification, self-indulgence, caring for only you and your own. What a small world view you would have and receive.

The world is upside down but at the end of my life, were I to die and find there is nothing, which I do not for a second believe, I will have lived a life of love, of hope, of joy and satisfaction, I will have added to this world and not just taken my share.

There is such!!!! JOY in the lack of skepticism I can’t tell you!!!

~Cam Richmond~

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“Just because someone looks right and talks right doesn’t mean they are right!
Ask God for ‪#‎discernment‬
~Paula White~

A comment that followed this quote was “Be careful with who you trust the devil was once God’s most beautiful Angel”


This is a very timely message for all of us. The bible says that in the last days there will be a great deception, and that is already happening around us. There are all kinds of messages preached that ‘sound’ good at first, and I see Christians liking the messages by the hundreds. Interestingly these messages line up more with the world’s view point but don’t line up with a biblical stand point…


A pastor of mine once preached a message that churches need ‘the word’ and ‘the spirit in equal proportions’. He said it you are more word based then you can possibly become too legalistic and this makes complete sense to me. He said that if you are too spirit based you can become airy fairy, and that makes real sense too. We need both and both confirm each other!


What seems to be getting a rough go at the moment is the bible! I believe in the word and I believe that Jesus is the word and I believe that the word, being Jesus is our cornerstone and our sure foundation.


Sadly a lot of question have been being raised by Christians no less, as to whether the bible is fallible. This is where all the trouble starts. I believe the word, I do not doubt, I do not understand it all but I trust the word.


If you can’t believe the bible and accept it then what is there left to stand on? Anything we ‘think’ we hear from God, or from any other preacher needs to line up with the word of God, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t cut it with me. There are many people who ‘hear’ things that they believe are God but are totally not him, its easy to see that, but then there are many people who think they ‘hear’ God that may be a bit off base… a little truth with a little lie is the way the devil likes to work.


When people start saying all kinds of nice things that tickle our ears we need to ask if they are based on the bible. The bible should always confirm things that are preached. I am shocked saddened and horrified to see Pastors bring into question the bible. And then when they bring it into question they do not give clear answers to their readers. I would be very careful in doing this…. it’s abundantly clear to me that there are many out there preaching a new gospel, a gospel that tells people just what they want to hear. They are preaching a new version and a new interpretation of the good new of the gospel and to be quite frank it seriously disturbs me.


~James 3:1~
NOT MANY [of you] should become teachers (self-constituted censors and reprovers of others), my brethren, for you know that we [teachers] will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity [than other people; thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condemnation].
~Mar 9:42~
And whoever causes one of these little ones (these believers) who acknowledge and cleave to Me to stumble and sin, it would be better (more profitable and wholesome) for him if a [huge] millstone were hung about his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.


Be aware…. it’s so subtle. Its like the story of the frog in the pot of water. The heat is slowly turned up and so the frog unknowingly slowly gets cooked without realising it should jump out. I think that the world is in a pot of water with the heat on low, slowly slowly the temperature is being turned up so we barely notice but if you stay in the water you will be cooked. I have jumped out of the pot and things look remarkably different from out here. And its easy to see the pot with the heat being turned up.


We should be on the look out for this. The bible says it will happen. Read your word. Check that what you hear really does line up with the scriptures.


~Cam Richmond~

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