These days most of my writing can be found at one of my Facebook Pages…

I’d love you to visit and leave me a note that you have come from my blog =) 


Light for Life was my very first Facebook Page… It was born out of my desire to write the things that came to me from the things that I was learning through my life’s experiences…

It is mostly about learning through struggles, lessons we learn in life, the hard times and the growth experiences I have had…


The Answer I’ve Found was my second Facebook Page. I decided to create this page to focus on my faith and share my hope and salvation whose name is Jesus.


Love Without Expectations was born out of a desire to learn to love people more, even when at times that is challenging. I am not talking about romantically but rather the love that we give all the people in our lives that matter…

The love that we give these people is so important and is nourishment to their souls… Its a love that gives… and nurtures and brings hope and fills their tanks with all the fuel of love they need…

Love without expectations however doesn’t mean you are a doormat or allow ANYONE to walk all over you but it is a love that can change things around in miraculous ways if you can love this way…. Love on…



Say a little prayer is a prayer community that I started most recently. Often we think ‘what can I do to help other people?’. We feel frustrated and helpless at times to know what we can do… Even with friends and family that are not so far away… We wonder what can we do?

I believe one of the best and first and most simple and yet powerful things we can do is to pray for one another. Prayer crosses countries, boundaries, distances, families, diseases, fears, every single barrier that there could be cannot be stop or prevent prayer…

I say lets join hands, heart and voices across the world and make a difference by praying!



Rainbows of Life is a page to share Love, Hope & Inspirations. We trust you will find things here that are Cheerful, Helpful and Hopeful to help you each day.



All about God and His Unending Love, His Amazing Grace.

This is Gods page to fill with as He leads me. I pray that it will be a page that will touch man and bring them into His fold.

God bless you and please share as often as you can, time is short.
Are you ready?

What are your thoughts?

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