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His heart ache

His heart ache…
God is love, His heart aches for the world and the state it is in…
Eternity Matters‪#‎EternityMatters‬

Tonight my heart aches for the people being persecuted, murdered, slaughtered, raped, beheaded, run out of their homes, gunned down….

Tonight my heart aches for the lonely, for the broken, for the down and out, for the unfortunate, the homeless, the addicted…

Tonight my heart aches for the estranged, the rejected, the lost, the ones missing, the ones taken to young, the ones that are not with us, the orphans, the widowed, the children who have no one and nothing…

Tonight my heart aches for the lost that do not know the saving grace of Jesus, for those that do not know His love, His sacrifice, His generosity, His hope, peace and embrace…

Tonight my heart aches for those that have known Him and walked away… that have turned their back, that have ignored the truth… Jesus the way, the truth, the life, those that think they have plenty of time to find their way back to Him, His grace is never-ending but time is NOT!

Tonight my heart aches for my children, my family, my friends, that they would come to know His amazing love, the depths of His peace, the hope that only He can give us….

I hope your heart aches too.
I hope if it doesn’t ache that it will ache
I hope that the ache will cause a shift in your life
I hope that the ache will grow so that it will never leave any of us
and that it will be the driving force in our days
I hope that when He comes back again that we will have
been faithful to share with those we can of the gift He gave us.

He is my Hope

~Cam Richmond~

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~Life’s landscapes and backdrops~

~Life’s landscapes and backdrops~

We go through seasons in life where everything we know is turned upside down.

Sometimes the things that we least expected to happen, even though we may have known they were a remote possibility, shock us because they do happen.

It can throw us for a six, it can destabilize us, it can confuse us, it can change the whole backdrop of our life and realistically all that just might happen… For some unknown reason I always live with the thought that the backdrop won’t change, I’m sure that I’m not the only one believing that!

People in scenes of our life come and go. We just never know where the story line will take us and which characters will make come-back appearances, which ones will take starring roles and who the villains may be.

The beautiful thing is that even though we may not see it right now, we will find joy in the new backdrops of life, it might take a little while but they just might have the most beautiful colours, patterns and textures.

In most theatrical plays there is rarely one backdrop. They change as the scenes change and the story progresses. We need to keep this in mind and let it bring us peace. Who ever said life was a monologue? And we must realise that we do not live in a box… Life is a dialogue and we live it wherever we take it!

The bigger picture becomes obvious when we consider the difference between a backdrop and a landscape. Landscapes change every time we turn our heads, or look in a different direction whereas a backdrop stays the same. The landscape is fluid and motion everyday, wherever we go, whomever we meet, the things we can’t always control, and a result of the community, family and country that we live in.

A backdrop is only one scene in the play of our life and so its bound to change countless times as we don’t live life in one room. However sometimes we get comfortable with a scene, with the backdrop, with the ‘room’ we are in and we are not ready when the time comes and we look up and the next scene has arrived.

Hopefully you can find something to appreciate about the backdrop to the scene you are in right now. We do know at least that these things always teach us something, and usually we change and grow as well… every life scene ensures we are never the same as we were the day before! Have a good look around and know that you will make it through the uncomfortable transitions!

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~

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~Normal, normal, where for art thou normal?~

~Normal, normal, where for art thou normal?~


I spend my life longing for normal. What is normal anymore? Will normal ever come again?

I feel that the older I have gotten the less normal that life has become. Just with the changes that occur in people all around me there is enough to ensure that normal doesnt remain…

Our life is a constantly changing geography, a never ceasing shift is occurring through every day. It is a changing landscape. It reminds me of one if my favourite childhood books… ‘The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton in which the land at the tip of the tree was always changing when the children climbed the tree.

I don’t know if you sense it as I do but it feels like I am chasing normal, like a kids game where I am chasing someone but I just can’t seem to catch them. Perhaps the more we search go normal the more it evades us? Perhaps normal is allowing the changes to happen around us.

It seems I go through a season of what I describe as evenness and then it all shifts and I start running again. One thing goes wrong after another, things that demand my attention, require my problem solving skills, request I complete a task or a puzzle.

I seek to not be ruffled by these occurrences and I have had plenty of opportunity for that and that’s as close as I have come to normal so far!

Where are you and normal? Have you made peace with who he really is?

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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