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What the world can’t give, the world can’t take away…


It really makes me sad that it’s becoming harder to say how I feel about God and my Saviour Jesus and also what I believe. You raise your head you get shot at these days, questioned, interrogated almost. I’m finding that it’s not alright to question other ‘religion’ but it’s fine to tear mine down.

I could never be known as a bible basher, although I’m sure ALL those around me know exactly who I am and what I believe. Yes they may read what I write if they choose, (and if not then they are more than welcome to unfriended me rather than me being a nuisance to them), but unless they want to know more personally I won’t be shoving it down their throats.

I think I’m a good representation of Gods love because even if what people do or say or think is completely in opposition to what I believe or do, I truly love them, value their friendships and their company. I love all the people in my life.

Then on the other hand people can believe in other religions that call for all kinds of extremism but that’s not a problem to others is it??, ‘each to their own’ right??? But to love and follow Jesus is old school, conservative, closed and narrow-minded.

I am NOT into religion. I dislike religion. I dislike religious figures and leaders to some extent, and ‘the establishment’, who have, in their utter humanity given God a black name. They have dragged his Name in the mud. The one who sent His Son into this muddy earth for us.

I say, come to know God by what He did, by what He gave, by what He says and not by what PEOPLE do or say.

Did you know God loves everyone unconditionally? That doesn’t mean he agrees with how they live, people don’t like that bit, but if God is God then he can make rules for life, and if according to us He can’t, then that makes us God not him… but I don’t remember creating the universe???? Do you ?😉

He loves each person personally, uniquely, completely, more than they have ever known or could know love…

I’m so glad that my mum pursued her faith, way past religion, rules and regulations and met her Saviour and gave us the opportunity to know him too.

It’s fine for people who are intellectual to laugh me off, think I’m mad, wonder at the ridiculous things I believe, or think it’s all ridiculous. To continually try to find loopholes in everything around God and the bible, pull it all apart, even though I won’t pull their belief apart. But the joyous thing for me… is that NO ONE can take away my experience, the tangible things God has shown me, how he has revealed things into my life that NO ONE could have ever known and shown me his very very great love for ME, little me…. insignificant me in the grand scheme of things.

No one can argue any of that away for me, how he has changed me, changed my life, GIVEN me life, hope, peace, strength, supernaturally seen me through every trial in my life from the time I was a child…

There is so much more to this life than what we can see and touch. To live your life thinking that this is ‘it’ may be the easiest thing to do but in the end it’s the least rewarding.

‘Rewarding’ comes from giving to humanity, from loving, from building people up, from encouraging, from supporting, from generosity of heart, not from self-love, self-gratification, self-indulgence, caring for only you and your own. What a small world view you would have and receive.

The world is upside down but at the end of my life, were I to die and find there is nothing, which I do not for a second believe, I will have lived a life of love, of hope, of joy and satisfaction, I will have added to this world and not just taken my share.

There is such!!!! JOY in the lack of skepticism I can’t tell you!!!

~Cam Richmond~

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Eternity matters!


Eternity life

Just think about it… for a minute….
It takes as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in Creation.
Elegant and amazing designs show off God’s handiwork…
Did we come from nothing? I don’t thinks so.

Our creator has a design and He has a plan… and its good for all eternity.

Find His eternal plan for you!
Consider eternity!
Consider what it means…
Consider your future and destiny, the how’s and why’s of it all…
Then consider what you want, where you want to be..
Choose you this day whom you will serve… as for me and my household we will serve the Lord….

~Cam Richmond~
The Answer I’ve Found

Its complicated…

Its complicated… 

Just thinking about the complications in our lives…

Sometimes it feels as if there are a million loose ends in our life… (yes I know it’s a slight exaggeration). Sometimes it feels like things are unravelling or that we know in time they will unravel. What will happen when…? What will I do if…? What about…?

We don’t know what to do now, we don’t know what we will do when and if things unravel like we imagine. Sometimes they never end up unravelling….

The one thing that I hold onto when I feel like this is my faith. My belief in God’s best plan for my life. I have seen him come through in every situation I have faced… No I don’t know why, I don’t know how, I don’t understand it all, I don’t understand a lot of it but I will trust in him, and if you have those situations in your life that s the best thing you can do too.

We can’t change so much in our life. There are things we want and things we long for but some of them just will never be…

I am content to know that God will bring the things, and allow the things and people in my life that are meant to be there and I pray that He will always have His way over me having mine. He knows best….

This verse comes to me… I am especially reminded of this when I feel that there are a lot of things out of my control. I remind myself that God is the one that holds everything together. There is no way, not with any earthly power that I could hold things together!

Colossians 1:17
And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together). [Prov. 8:22-31.]

So for all the complicated things in my life and yours I offer this prayer…

Lord in you we hold together. Lord in you we consist and we are complete. Thank you Lord that in your mighty hands you hold all the ends of everything in our lives. It’s not too much for you.

Lord we thank you that you see all of our life from a different perspective and you know us, you know the plans you had for us when you created us before the beginning of time. So Lord let your will be done and not mine.

You know far more than I, and you love me and know me more than I know myself.

Thank you for this promise that in you all things hold together. I will not fear. I will not give up my hope in your plan. Yes life is complicated but you are complex, you are able, you are creator and I trust you more than the things I can see.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

He holds all things together… that is a promise I like ❤

~Cam Richmond~

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