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~ Disappointed~

~ Disappointed~

You are allowed to be disappointed, you are human and you have feelings, desires, boundaries, and needs…. but try not to stay there for too long.

After all other people are human too and you can’t expect them to live up to your expectations or needs all of the time and you probably don’t live up to all other people’s expectations either. No one can do that!

I extremely dislike disappointment in all its forms. It not only hurts you at times, but it can also crush hopes, dreams, desires, it can spell the end of something.

Disappointment is a heaviness that hangs and sometimes it takes a good while to go away. Often when we are disappointed it’s when something is beyond our control but many times it can even be in our self.

Disappointment is very real, you feel it deeply but once you have recognised it and acknowledged it then work on getting re-appointed. Recognise boundaries and limitations and reality and forgive, let go and move on.

Disappointment will keep our faces turned downward and with our faces turned down we might miss the things that are ahead of us….

Let go, it can’t help you to remain in disappointment. Lift up your eyes and walk into what is to come ❤

~Cam Richmond~

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Removing the sting… 

Removing the sting...

sting [sting] verb

1. to prick or wound with a sharp-pointed, often venom-bearing organ.
2. to affect painfully or irritatingly as a result of contact, as certain plants do: to be stung by nettles.
3. to cause to smart or to cause a sharp pain: The blowing sand stung his eyes.
4. to cause mental or moral anguish: to be stung with remorse.
5. to goad or drive, as by sharp irritation.

Lots of ‘stings’ happen every day. I am wondering how to deal with them?

Stings can be around every corner. Is that only me or do you notice this too? Am I the only one to feel ‘stings’ that result from interactions that happen around us each and every day? Am I super sensitive or does everyone feel them? And then perhaps I also wonder do these experiential ‘stings’ blend into each persons background noise?

I have arrived at a place in my life where I didn’t think I would really land… ‘Stings’ have driven me to a place where trust is getting quite limited. 

I am finding that I am happy to keep people much more at arm’s length! I finally came to that conclusion only this morning when a thought crossed my mind about someone, I honestly don’t know who it was, and I sensed some offense because I felt hurt or let down or rejected by them sometime in the past. I must have had a memory pop up. The memory I had was really just a passing thought but I have been realising the last few days that these thoughts pop in and out of my mind each day. And I can see where there is a pattern.
We all have wounds from throughout our life though God doesn’t bring every one of them to light, different ones come up at different times… I think perhaps just being aware of these ‘stings’ that come to light, and bringing them before God is the answer.  I don’t want to run from pain that there has been, but I do want to AVOID further pain.

I have created new boundaries now, or at least I am learning to have them. It may seem from looking from the outside that boundaries cause disconnection to occur or ‘building of walls’ but in reality boundaries do build certain walls that’s why they are called boundaries.

People like me who don’t always have good boundaries in some areas may come across as disconnecting but perhaps its just a healthy boundary??? If you don’t feel safe then you don’t allow someone access to your heart I think that is wisdom. I am on a learning curve with some of this and with people in general too.

I believe that God will heal me for sure​, although its sometimes hard to imagine the sting being take out of some of these memories. To me it’s as if the ‘stings’ are almost involuntary reactions! How does one stop something that seems to be involuntary?
Once something has happened to cause a sting I have learnt that I need to take one instance at a time, but when trust is gone then it becomes a boundary issue. New boundaries needed.

I think there are more stings than I thought there were, they have been in the background noise I described earlier – almost undetectable. It’s easy to say ‘oh that was in the past I’m ok’ but then the sting might still be there.

When the Holy Spirit brings up a memory for us it means that God wants to bring healing in this area for us with the trust and other things that trigger the stings…

My friend told me that we will know when we are healed! She said “you know you are healed when the memory has no more sting to it” She said it’s not a quick fix either its a process.

One by one I will bring God the ‘stings’ and I know this is the only way for them to go!

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~

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New lands and borders…

~New lands and borders~

It’s been hard but I’ve had to put some boundaries into my life where they had previously never been. It’s really hard to know a boundary when you’ve never lived it before…

When you put a new boundary in place, it really might feel wrong for a time, you may not know if you are doing the right thing…  If it’s a new boundary then its unknown and its uncharted territory… And… it might be a bit scary.

It’s like riding a wave and not knowing where it will take you. We have to trust God as He made the wind, the waves, the currents, the times, the seasons.

Sometimes I think “I sure hope I am hearing Him right..” It doesn’t happen too often, but in the middle of putting a ‘growth step’ in place maybe I need to pray about it again and ask God to confirm it to me. Every now and again we second guess our choices and we need some kind of confirmation to give us that peace of mind…

Reminder to self: Pray about this today…

When you are in a new land, and when you have new borders it will be unknown to some extent, but when you come to God and ask him you will know if you are in the right place and then you should just stay there even if it becomes uncomfortable at times.

When you’re learning something new there’s bound to be growing pains, that doesn’t mean the pain is wrong. It means your muscles are still growing to that point. No pain no gain.

Mmmm I think i am learning something new here!

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~

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