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The Reformation of Me…

file0001904601269How do you unlearn being who you have always been your whole life? It’s not a witch hunt that we do on our self, it’s a natural process I am talking about, a lot of the obvious things have been dealt with in your life and then it’s like a mask is taken off other more subtle things that have disguised themselves as normal, acceptable, within reason or as being of no consequence.

I have heard different people say from time to time, ‘all of a sudden I realised I shouldn’t be doing ‘that’ any more  (whatever ‘that’ is), and ‘it just wasn’t right for me to do ‘that’ or be like that any more’, that didn’t mean it was wrong for someone else to do the very same thing, but no longer right for that person, our conscience soon lets us know these things and it isn’t easy to ignore our conscience for too long. Something that has been part of the ‘norm’ and run of the mill all of a sudden just doesn’t work any more  it just simply doesn’t fit in and each time you sense it it’s like a huge clanging gong going off.

I lay in bed talking to God a few weekends ago, talking it out with God, coming to Him and spilling what was on my mind and heart, there has been just a little bit of a struggle going on inside me and I really couldn’t see a way out of it, the only choice was to continue to go through. How do people do things that they feel are beyond their capability? And, why are SOME things so tough to work through? Why do SOME things have such a strong grip over us? There are many answers to these questions but perhaps one huge reason is that that particular thing has probably been a part of us for SOOOO long and maybe we always thought it was fine because at the time it was. Maybe we never considered it as wrong or maybe we did but it the past it was not a problem.

Then one day another test comes along and we see how this ‘thing’ causes us to handle everything else and how it has an effect on us too. That’s the point where most people have to sit up and think about what needs to happen next in order for things to truly change, and the place to start is within. It’s easy for me to tell you what to do, what will help, how to change and what to deal with, but am I willing to give myself the same advice? Really I think if I advise you I should be willing to apply the same advice (A.K.A medicine) to my situation.

‘Me’ is made up of so many facets, some of them are bright and shiny and some need to be ground away a little to reveal the shiny surface underneath. Just because this is the way something has always been doesn’t mean it’s the right way or the best way for that matter, but when the light goes on and all is revealed then it’s time to do the hard yards. We have to ‘see’ something first and experience it to give us the motivation and desire to change. It’s no good everyone else seeing it and most of them probably can’t even tell us to change anyway because we wouldn’t accept it from them, but once we’ve seen it then hopefully a quest begins for betterment.

There is no easy way to unlearn who you have been for your whole life, it’s a matter of process and choices, but we come to a point where the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of the change, and so then we allow God into these well hidden areas. This is when the retraining begins… did you notice the word re-train has ‘train’ in it, train is a verb a doing word so that means we can’t just passively sit and hope to change or grow, it involves learning and practice.

If your life is growing then at some point you will have to make the choice to ‘grow through and go through’, when you reach it may you have grace to keep moving forward. Once you reach this point be thankful that you are getting closer to the goal! As we go forward we call out to God to endow us with grace for the journey, grace for every step of the way.

I am retraining me in many ways! The muscles are being exercised on changing my priorities, my boundaries with situations and people, my thinking patterns are under close scrutiny, things that I need and want are being given a work out and seeing if they stand the test of remaining a part of me and my life or being reshaped or removed. I can tell you I am feeling the pain and it may take a while but I know that underneath all that, that the pain is causing the muscles to strengthen and grow and they will then be able to carry a different load in the future.

As my friend has says STRENGTH FOR TODAY and COURAGE FOR THE FUTURE.  I add to that… one foot in front of the other makes for a journey forwards!

 ~Cam Richmond~

~The Reformation of Me – Written October 2010~

~Word For Life~


The act of reforming or the state of being reformed. Improvement (or an intended improvement) in the existing form or condition.


Reformation ends not in contemplation, but in action. ~George Gillespie~

Reformation, like education, is a journey, not a destination. ~Mary Harris Jones~

To reform a world, to reform a nation, no wise man will undertake; and all but foolish men know, that the only solid, though a far slower reformation, is what each begins and perfects on himself. ~Thomas Carlyle~

A reformation happens every time you open the Bible. ~Darienne Hall~

~The Word~

2 Corinthians 3:18

But we all, with our face having been unveiled, having beheld the glory of the Lord as in a mirror, are being changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Lord Spirit.

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The Library of our Mind…

ImageA few years ago I watched a DVD series about how our mind works and it is was absolutely amazing to watch, listen, learn and begin to understand just how things work in our heads in regards to thinking, thoughts, memories and what goes on up there! It’s not just a brain for intelligence, it’s not just a brain for creativity, it’s our whole life contained in our head. Perhaps understanding a little more of how and why it works like it does could be just a little bit beneficial for the success and progress of our whole lives!

It all begins with the external world, what we see, hear, feel, sense and touch, the doorway is into our mind is through our five senses.  Everything around us goes in whether we realise it or not, all the conversations, memories, perception and presumptions, songs, movies, television, everything!

When these things first enter our brain there is an amazing and quite complex process that begins and in reality it happens in split seconds but I just want to try and explain some of what I have learnt. As we know all our memories, everything that has happened to us and all we have experienced and learnt is stored up in mind. Some of it we remember and some of it we don’t, and then at times it’s like a trigger brings to the fore something from the backwoods of our mind. So much is stored up there; it’s phenomenal!

We learnt what stress does in our bodies and minds and how the different chemicals released in our bodies affect us. Both toxic thoughts and good thoughts create and release different chemical and set different processes going in our bodies, and we learnt about the direct correlation between this and our health. Of course I have known this for so many years and known that the battle is in our minds and believed it but to see this and understand in a more scientific way how it all works was quite powerful and it really began to empower me more to think better!!

One thing that was like a defining moment for me was realising that what we think on is continually building pathways in our minds and we learnt that we have the ability to change what is being built in there to help us or hinder us. We were also been reading Joyce Meyers book ‘Power Thoughts’ and I started to change my thinking and changing the things that I said in my head about different areas of my life. I started to sense how this actually strengthened me and started to change my habits. We learnt how even areas where there have been hurt and lots of very hard things happen that changing thinking, and not dwelling on things can actually begin to repair these damaged areas of our minds/thinking as well.

The teaching series from Dr. Caroline Leaf showed us in fairly simple terms and pictures the way things could dramatically change for the better. She explained to us three stages of Attitude 1. The Awareness Stage (which is in the memory networks, neurons). This is where we have the first inclination or recognition of what is happening and what we think. 2. The Gut reaction happens (A library of emotional perceptions that occur when memories are built are stored here in the Amygdala) to what we have become aware of. 3. There is the Freewill stage, we start thinking about all this in more detail (this is in the Corpus Callosum) and it is here that we decide what we are going to do with what has just happened, how we will think, react and proceed. There are like a heap of other things that happen as this process is happening and the chain reaction that goes on is amazing to hear but even just learning these three parts and seeing the link that they have for us in whether we are happy or sad, distressed or in peace, angry or calm is worth learning. There are a few other things that happen along this process to string it all together but this is just my simple short version.

It all came together for me the other morning and I experienced how this worked in my own thinking, it was like I was sensing the steps actually happen as they happened! I was lying in bed and something triggered a very painful memory for me from several years ago…’err yuck’ is my first thought…. and ‘oh no…. what do I do here’? What did she teach me to do in this situation???? I became aware on a different level that this was that first stage of awareness of my thoughts.

Within seconds, as I knew it would, a gut reaction was triggered in me with that gut feeling of how it made me feel years ago… I knew straight away I didn’t want to dwell on this at all. It happened just the way Dr. Leaf described it would. Then without any conscious effort to think it was like I saw a library book being taken off the shelf in my mind, it contained a book with very painful feelings and memories that related to this particular experience of mine. It was like some cross referencing occurred and just the right book was taken down.

It was an area I had given a lot of thought to, mulled over, replayed scenarios, gone over and over and questioned. It was deeply hurtful and could have been potentially damaging when it actually happened if not for the amazing grace of God. So, I recalled the pain, and things I had seen and experienced at that time but also how God helped me through it. Then, all of a sudden a scene from a television show I watched a few days earlier flashed through my mind. At the time I saw the program I recognized that it was similar to part of what I had experienced but I didn’t dwell on it for long at all and I thought I had forgot all about it but no, as soon as this other memory came to my mind out it popped and it linked up. The old memory linked with what I had seen on TV, reinforcing the painful memory from the past, this showed me how what we watch and allow into our mind does in fact impact on us, of course I knew it did but for the first time I understood fully!

Ok this is all happening in a matter of 5 seconds and I am thinking oh dear, what do I do here? What did she tell me to do??? As I said this was a very bad experience and I thought to myself, what on earth could change this for me in my mind, what on earth could I say or think that could change or cover how I felt about this… nothing came to mind as there is nothing here on earth that can change, heal, and redeem a lot of what has happened to us but then it came to me… I knew it was God giving me the answer to my sincere question… It came in the form of an old Hymn… ‘Oh the blood of Jesus, Oh the blood of Jesus, Oh the blood of Jesus, it washes white as snow’… wow… You can’t imagine the peace that washed over me as the song filled my mind. It stopped the destructive loop of thinking almost immediately and I felt better.

I had another image in my thoughts then, I could see that all the thinking I had done in this area had built an area of blackness, a stronghold of pain, hurt, disappointment in my mind. It has been very strong and I know it won’t ever go completely because we learn to forgive but we don’t usually completely forget but I saw that God can heal it. The other amazing thing is that I am not just talking about imaginary processes here, this part of my life exists in a real place in my mind, and God showed me that there is nothing else that can actually change it, that it was Him and changing my thinking to not dwell, to forgive, to let go, to change and stop what I allow to go unchecked in my brain.

This spiritual act is the main way, and part of a process that we need to undertake in order to help, cover, redeem and get freedom and breakthrough from areas of our past. There are a lot of other things we need to do to change areas of our memory too; by changing our thinking, self talk and the renewing of our mind, it really will begin to change the impact of thoughts on us in our health, well being, mental state, attitude and outlook, this is making change to impact and improve our present day life.

So now that I can see this, and what thoughts that I allow to go unchecked in my brain do, it has to be different, I am going to replace my thought patterns, and as I have written about recently a lot of thinking is something that we actually can’t afford  so I’m going to try and stop it. 

I hope this has inspired you to think about the benefits of thinking about and changing your thinking, it is real, and it’s not spiritual mumbo jumbo. I am only beginning this journey but I know that this could be the beginning of the journey to the most freedom I have ever known in my life and I am excited about it! 

~Proverbs 23:7~

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. 

Quote For Life

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind’ William James (1842-1910)

Word For Life

THOUGHT: The act or process of thinking; reflection; meditation; cogitation, the power of reasoning, or of conceiving ideas; capacity for thinking; intellect; imagination, a result of thinking; idea, concept, opinion, the ideas, principles, opinions, attention; consideration; heed: give it a moment’s thought, mental engrossment; preoccupation; concentration: deep in thought, intention or expectation.

~By Cam Richmond~

~Written November 2010~

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Over Thinking again…

I was just thinking! Funny thought LOL! I was thinking how over thinking stops us in our tracks from doing so many things.

So I want to blog again… I revived my page and then started again, knowing that my blogging was going to be like a daily life update, whatever is happening on the minute. I’m not going to plan it out, just write what comes…. and then my brain went into over drive and I started OVERTHINKING about it and I heard myself immediately telling myself ‘Mmm maybe write that, no hang on, not about that? This will be boring’ etc I decided to do this post about over thinking right at that point.

Do you realise how much damage over thinking does in your life? You may be completely unawares you even do it since it can go on so quietly in our sub conscious mind, but often we prematurely put the brakes on things or even speed them up because of what our mind is going.

There is thinking and then there is over thinking! We need to think; but when we dwell over and over on things it can stir up a hornets nest of all kinds of trouble.

I can remember times where I got myself in such an emotional mess after allowing thoughts of what someone might be thinking, why they did what they did, etc. After awhile it all seems to make sense and add up when in fact we have created a scenario all by ourself. If we listen to the scenarios for long enough and then allow them to play out in our life, if we were to accuse, to reject, to offend or to convey these thoughts to others we spread  a problem that doesn’t even exist in the first place.

So its worth thinking about it… but don’t think about it for too long!



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